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Garden Fence


Garden fences are not only used to provide a boundary between two houses, but also to provide a safe haven for the budding flowers and plants in the garden, from 'invaders' (typically, animals and birds).

Garden fence designs are available on a wide range, from the costly to the economical ones. The most popular we export is green coated welded wire mesh fences. This kind of fence is strong and durable, easily harmonized with the surroundings.

Woven Garden Fence    TLWY—01 Woven Garden Fence    TLWY—02
Curved welded Garden Fence   TLWY—03 Wavy Garden Fence   TLWY—04
Framed Garden fence   TLWY—05 Wavy Garden Fence   TLWY—06
Galvanized Crimped Garden fence  TLWY—07 PVC coated Garden fence   TLWY—08
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